801 Skinker Building

St. Louis, Missouri (2006-Present)

801 Skinker Building

St. Louis, Missouri (2006 - Present)

The 18 story 801 Skinker Building was designed and constructed by a prominent St. Louis civic leader who sought a modern luxury apartment for himself and his wife to replace their longstanding residence. When, in 1960, none could be found to their satisfaction, he built a modernist glass and concrete structure overlooking Forest Park that has become one of the City’s most distinctive examples of mid-twentieth century architecture. 

The co-op building’s Board of Trustees retained PBA in 2006 to developed a master plan to upgrade building systems and enhance public spaces. The Board sought to preserve the building’s modernist architecture as a testimony to the original owner and their own pride. Their vision and commitment was our inspiration.

The renovation of the public spaces respects the simplicity of the building with emphasis on bringing natural light into spaces that had been dark and windowless. It included the first floor lobby and new guest apartment; exercise, storage and new conference room located on the mezzanine level; and,  improvements to the roof top lounge, elevators and underground garage.  

Following the initial renovation to the present we continue to serve the Board.  Additional projects include the replacement of all windows (which resulted in nearly $100,000 in energy savings over the first year after replacement), a new emergency generator, a proposal for landscape improvements and expanded parking, renovation of the fountain, development of a 10-year maintenance master plan, and miscellaneous consultation.