The Sheldon Plaza and Parking Lot

St. Louis, Missouri

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Renderings by: Andrew Colopy, Cobalt Office and Ben Gilmartin, AIA, Architect


The Sheldon Plaza

St. Louis, Missouri (2015)

The Sheldon Plaza is intended to be a vital new public feature of The Sheldon campus, attracting pedestrians from the Public Media Commons to the south, and connecting visitors along Washington Blvd. to The Sheldon’s front door. Through landscape, lighting, architectural and graphics strategies, this project will build on and contribute to the momentum of other public initiatives in Grand Center: the West Walkway will extend the future Artwalk along the western Sheldon Annex, offering an opportunity to further communication of The Sheldon mission to the public through increased collaboration with other art institutions of the area; at the same time, the Sheldon Plaza project integrates strategies for enhancing both the Sheldon presence and pedestrian experience along Washington Blvd. in conjunction with the on‐going Great Streets initiative. For The Sheldon, the new plaza, in coordination with re‐design of the western parking area, will provide a clear sense of orientation and an attractive and safe pathway for patrons arriving for Sheldon events. For students visiting for education programs, it will provide a comfortable area supporting the staging bus arrival and departure. For casual visitors to the area, it offers an inviting place to linger and at times enjoy an outdoor presentation of The Sheldon’s arts. The Sheldon Plaza should also support the staging of occasional outdoor activities and events. Finally, to the extent possible its design will integrate with the future expansion of The Sheldon to include a new museum building to the west.

Design Team Members:

The Sheldon Arts Foundation

Powers Bowersox Associates, Inc.

Ben Gilmartin, AIA, Architect - Creative Design Director

Cobalt Office


Randy Burkett Lighting Design, Inc.

Civil Design, Inc.

Horner & Shifrin, Inc.


M. Ludvik & Company

Cooper Construction Estimating, LLC