Ulysses S. Grant Library and Affiliated Museums

Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis County, Missouri (2011)

Established in 1826, Jefferson Barracks has served as a pivotal military base and training ground for the United States military.  The Jefferson Barracks Heritage Foundation was founded to create a museum complex honoring the service and sacrifices of American soldiers, volunteers, and veterans.

In 2011, Powers Bowersox Associates was retained to create a master plan for the Historic District, a Renovation and Program Feasibility Study for the proposed Ulysses S. Grant Library, as well as specific designs for museums dedicated to the Citizen Soldier, Buffalo Soldier, and Jefferson Barracks.  The planning process used the expertise of consultants and historians and emphasized engagement of Jefferson Barracks representatives and broad public and private participation. The study proposed the renovation and reuse of historical buildings on the grounds of the Barracks. Below are selected images resulting from the study.

PBA performed a subsequent study in 2013 for a proposed site on the Barracks grounds overlooking the Mississippi River. The study included the renovation and reuse of existing former officers' quarters and a potential new structure for the Ulysses S. Grant Library. The program included a visitor center and overlook that would also serve as a stop along a bike path. Below are selected images resulting from the 2013 study.